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EUROMALT elects new President, Vice-Presidents and appoints new Secretary General..

Updated: Jan 31

Brussels, November 23, 2023 - EUROMALT, the trade association representing the malting industry in Europe, elected during its Annual General Meeting its President, three Vice-Presidents and the Chairman of the Technical Committee. It also appointed a new Secretary General.

EUROMALT’s new President, Guillaume Couture, is the Chief Executive Director of Malteries Soufflet, the world’s largest maltster, with 29 malting plants in 16 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. The new President has also been re-confirmed as Treasurer of EUROMALT.

Alain Caekaert, Group Chief Commercial Procurement officer and Managing Director France/Germany for Malteurop, was re-elected Vice-President after completing a four-year term. Malteurop is one of the world's leading producers of malt, with 24 malting plants in 14 countries (including their new malthouse in Mexico).

Kasper Madsen, Chief Executive Officer for Viking Malt, was re-elected Vice-President after completing a two-year term. Viking Malt is one of Europe's leading producers of malt, with 6 malthouses in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Lithuania. Michael Hoppenbrouwers, Boortmalt's Managing Director for continental Europe, was elected Vice-President for a first two-year term. BOORTMALT is one of the world's leading malting companies, present on 5 continents with 27 malting plants.

Dietrich Mönch was reconfirmed, as Chair of EUROMALT’s Technical Committee for the mandate 2023-2025. Moreover, Gianluca Nurra was appointed as new Secretary General of EUROMALT. Gianluca Nurra has been working as Scientific and Technical advisor for EUROMALT since 2019.

The newly elected Officers thanked out-going President Peter Schouwer for his term during the difficult years that spanned the Covid-19 pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine and wished him the best for his retirement. They also expressed their commitment in supporting EUROMALT’s activities and represent the interests of all its members with policy makers.

Iliana Axiotiades, out-going Secretary General, wished the best of success to Gianluca Nurra, who has played a critical role in developing the activities of EUROMALT in recent years.

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Press release - EUROMALT elects new President and Vice-Presidents and SG
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